Hello reader! My name is Lindsey. I’m a relatively average high school student. I’m the type of person who has a constant need to express myself– through drawing, music, writing, and anything creative. Rather than playing sports, I’d much prefer reading or watching a TV show, and fiction is my form of escape. Fictional characters are like friends to me (sounds like I’m mental, right?).

Anyway, I love writing reviews. So this blog will include reviews of TV shows, movies, books, music, etc. Every time I finish an episode of a show, I have made it my goal to write a little about my opinion of it. I also need to practice my writing skills, so expect some poems by me, along with stories.

And there may be some rants and personal posts.

So, enjoy! Any book, movie, show, or music recommendations are absolutely welcome; I’m always open to trying new stuff.


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