The end of an era… but the magic will never end.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

This past Thursday at 12:01, I attended the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. It’s something I’d been looking forward to, and dreading, for weeks. I reread the second half of Deathly Hallows and watched all of the movies in preparation.

Personally, I attended a pre-premiere party at a friend’s house. We drank homemade butterbeer and ate Harry Potter sugar cookies and the British pudding spotted dick (yes, you have permission to laugh). Before the movie began, we couldn’t stop freaking out. Now, onto my review.

SPOILER ALERT AHEAD, for those of you haven’t seen it. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. If you haven’t… please just go see it now!

The final movie surely wasn’t a disappointment. One of the most notable parts of the experience was the scenery and effects; they were gorgeous and realistic. From close-ups on Harry’s face to fragments of Voldemort’s dead body floating in the sky, the movie was a visual treat that my round 3-D glasses certainly enhanced.

However, my vision may have been slightly altered by the tears brimming in my eyes for the last hour of the movie. No joke– the second half was emotionally intense. After reading the seventh book, my appreciation of Snape grew immensely. I didn’t think it could possibly grow larger– but it did. Snape’s story and death were beautifully portrayed. Snape’s line to Harry as he dies (“You have your mother’s eyes”) means a lot. Throughout the movies, he has constantly harassed Harry for being similar to his father, and pointing out his negative traits. But as he dies, he finally sees Harry’s likeness to his mother, the woman he loved. Snape’s devotion is heartbreakingly beautiful. The memory scene was all I expected and more. Simply beautiful. The fact that young Lily’s eyes were actually brown bothered me, however– it’s something relatively important to the story that could have been easily fixed by colored contacts or editing! I’m sure with all of the fancy editing around, they had the ability to do so.

I really enjoyed seeing Ron and Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets and Hermione destroying the cup, unlike in the books. The kiss was perfect and lovely, although I missed the added awkwardness of Harry witnessing the kiss in the book.

Luna is badass. I confess that she’s one of my favorite characters, and I adored her line to Harry. “HARRY POTTER, YOU LISTEN TO ME!” You go, girl.

Neville is also incredible. It’s amazing to see the little boy who timidly said “I’ll fight you!” to his friends in the Gryffindor common room behead a snake.

I dislike that we didn’t see Fred’s actual death, or Percy redeeming himself. However, the scene was still well done and heartbreaking. Fred and George’s scene during the battle (“Are you okay, Freddie?”) made my heart hurt.

Molly Weasley is perfect. Her line was the line I had been waiting for. As she yelled, “Not my daughter, YOU BITCH!”, my whole theater applauded. It may have been my favorite moment of the night. It was a moment when all Harry Potter fans swelled with pride for our favorite fictional mother.

Harry’s walk through the woods to Voldemort was perfect. The Resurrection Stone scene definitely induced tears. The scene afterward with Dumbledore was a scene I had been waiting for, and I was not disappointed.

The epilogue was great. I was irritated that they didn’t mention the other childrens’ names, for those fans that have only seen the movies. It was very emotional, seeing them all “grown up,” and when it ended I may have cried a bit.

Basically, I need to see it again. Preferably in 2-D this time, to process more. While many minor changes bothered me, all in all, Deathly Hallows Part 2 was a breathtaking way to end the saga.

Though, I’m still in denial that it has even ended. I may be going through the seven stages of grief.

For now, I will listen to the soundtracks, wait for Pottermore, and someday share these books that shaped my childhood with my own children. Hopefully they will inspire and impact them and much as the books did to me 🙂

I leave you with this quote, one of my favorite Dumbledore quotes: “Of course it’s all inside your head, Harry. But why should that mean it isn’t real?”